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Guardians of Middle-Earth chat with the devs

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The meta was also dived into more. Someone asked how the upgrading of minions or choosing loadouts before the game will be the equivalent of counter-picking and changing lanes in League of Legends. Scott explained that at level six is when you get your first upgrade to your minions or towers. You also get it at level nine and two at level 12. At that point in the game, you're choosing strategies to counter the other team. As far as laning, since the game is a fast experience, the laning phase in truncated. So, the first few levels is laning, but due to shrine hold points, it's typical to do more roaming; it's more of a roaming kind of meta game where two or three guardians will group together, then split up and roam, capture shrines, then group up, etc. As far as picking things in advance before the game, you can choose certain commands and potions before the game. So you might want to take a global cleanse for your team against their crowd control spells, or choosing things that benefit your playstyle. So if you blow all your potions early game, you won't have anything available to your later in the game.

guardians of middle-earth

As far as new guardians and skins coming through DLC, it has already been announced that characters from the upcoming Hobbit movie will be added to the game, as well as room for future playable guardians. As far as skins go, they haven't announced anything, but characters have such strong personalities in the universe that they don't really see skins being as popular as in other games. But they are planning to do more maps because Middle Earth is more about the environments and locations. I asked if Helms Deep or Minas Tirith could be in there, and they said not specifically those, but along those lines. As far as whether the post-launch support will be free, they haven't announced it yet, so no word on how much they'll cost, if they cost anything at all.

That wrapped up the call, and I hope everything discussed is getting you as excited as I am. I'm really impressed with the direction of the game and the dedication from the dev team. I'll be posting my thoughts from my hands-on time with the game very soon, so stay tunes for that. Now, “fly you fools...”


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