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Top five indie games at E3 2012

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2. Hokra


One of the simplest games I played at the IndieCade booth at E3 was also one of the most addictive in all of E3. Hokra is a two-on-two minimalist sports game that features pixelated graphics and gives players a reason to shout at their opponents and teammates. You and your partner have two color-coded goals, and together you must take a ball and shoot it into the goals or "run" into them. Every time you score, your goals' pixels start filling up. The first team to completely fill up its goals wins.

What makes Hokra such a blast to play is its intuitive one button system. You move using the left analog stick on the Xbox 360 controller, and when you're in possession of the ball, you can pass and shoot using the A button. When you don't have the ball, you can "sprint" by tapping A. It's a simple control scheme that's inviting to players of all skill levels, and it makes for a raucous good time. Here's hoping Hokra is made widely available soon.

Hokra hands-on

1. Retro City Rampage

Retro City Rampage

While most of my fellow GameZone writers picked titles such as Watch Dogs, Tomb Raider, Assassin's Creed III, and umm, In-N-Out Burger as their best games of E3 (all respectable picks), I'd be remiss if I didn't profess my love for Retro City Rampage. Simply put, the upcoming 8-bit-inspired game from developer VBlank Entertainment was my game of the show at E3. I dug Retro City Rampage so much that I demoed it twice. And after talking to designer Brian Provinciano and composers Freaky DNA and Norrin_Radd, I got even more stoked for its impending release.

Retro City Rampage delivers an experience reminiscent of classic NES titles, and it offers countless video game and pop culture references and parodies. I had a ridiculous grin on my face the entire time I was playing the game, and that grin only widened more as I ran over random pedestrians, gunned down cops, and blew up cars. Throw in some cameo appearances from Meat Boy, CommanderVideo, and Splosion Man, and my elation as I dug into the world of Retro City Rampage was only amplified to the nth degree.

An exact release date has yet to be confirmed, but Retro City Rampage has quickly become a top indie game to watch out for. I mean, come on, did you hear the audience's reaction during Sony's press conference when the game's logo popped up? That was a huge pop, and one that VBlank certainly deserves. Retro City Rampage will be available this year on Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network (featuring cross-play for PlayStation 3 and Vita), WiiWare, and PC. Watch out for it. Or else.

Retro City Rampage hands-on

Impressions: Meat Boy, CommanderVideo, Splosion Man invade Retro City Rampage

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