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E3 2012: SEGA hands-on

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Switching gears in perhaps the most dramatic way possible, I got a look at Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed next. I didn’t play much of the original All-Stars Racing, but I played enough to know that it was a well-made, fun kart racer. Transformed continues that tradition and adds some new features such as the addition of water (or lava) and air vehicles. As the name would imply, your kart transforms into the necessary vehicle when it reaches new terrain, much like Mario Kart 7. It may not be wholly original, but it works well and all the vehicles control as one might expect from a kart racer.

Transformed keeps the racing fresh, however, by triggering events each lap that change the track in some way. By the third lap of my initial race, a volcano had destroyed the track so much we had to fly over areas we previously drove over. My second race, themed after Super Monkey Ball, was a downhill race that teleported you back to the starting area once you reached the bottom in addition to adding new obstacles each lap. The strongest area of Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed is its track design.

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