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MotorStorm: Arctic Edge - PSP - Preview


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MotorStorm has been a stalwart racer for the PlayStation 3 console system, but PSP users are about to get some high-acceleration love when the arcade racer makes its debut on Sony’s handheld.

MotorStorm: Arctic Edge takes the racer to the snowy regions for the same gameplay mechanics featured in previous PS3 iterations. The idea is simply – be the first to cross the finish line. However, there are several ways to do that: you can out-accelerate and drive your opponents (using the boost judiciously is key – use it too long and your vehicle will overheat and explode in dramatic fashion), or you can find shortcuts and use them to get ahead of the competition.

It is obvious that the development team paid attention to MotorStorm fans. In the previous PS3 title (Pacific Rim), shortcuts were not always the easiest to find. That has been changed. Shortcuts are marked, but it is up to the player to determine if the hazard offered by taking that shortcut is worth either gaining ground on the competition or perhaps falling further behind.

Two new vehicles (the snow machine and a snow cat) have been added to the racing mix, bringing the total number of vehicles available up to 24. While the game uses ice and snow as the backdrop to the racing courses, do not expect the environments to have an effect on vehicle handling. There will be avalanches to avoid, and break-away ice bridges, but vehicles will not slide in the snowy conditions.

There are 12 total tracks and they are all reversible, which could mean different routes become available depending on the direction you are traveling. The vehicles are also customizable in terms of wheels, spoilers, suspension and color, but these customizations are purely cosmetic.

“It’s personalization as opposed to customization,” the SCEA representative running the game at SCEA’s pre-E3 event stated. But he quickly pointed out that a personalized vehicle is available to take online. And speaking of that, there are online leaders and multiplayer will support up to eight gamers either through infrastructure or Ad hoc.

The game is built on a new engine and actually looks quite amazing on the handheld. 


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