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Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits - NDS - Preview


Posted by: jkdmedia

The Guitar Hero series has long been a force to be reckoned with on consoles, selling huge numbers and being a smash hit with a variety of fans. Additionally, the DS iterations of the franchise have also met with some huge success, ranking as one of the best-selling DS franchises around. While critical reception has been mixed (some praise the game while others derided it for its unwieldy controls), you can’t deny that the game is as close to a portable iteration of the Guitar Hero series as you can get.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense that Activision and Vicarious Visions are gearing up to release their latest entry for the DS, Guitar Hero: Modern Hits. Modern Hits takes a setlist populated by recent hit songs from a variety of artists from both the pop and rock genres, and mixes in some interesting new goal-driven game modes that add a new element to the gameplay. While it probably won’t win over those who aren’t enthusiasts of the DS games in the series, Modern Hits offers a lot of great content for fans.

Modern Hits offers a full roster of 28 recent tracks, some that have been in previous Guitar Hero games and many new ones. The preview build offered a nice mix of tracks from a variety of bands like Wolfmother, The Strokes, Fall Out Boy, and Tenacious D. While none of the tracks were the kind of finger-blistering metal tracks of other Guitar Hero titles (thankfully, since the hand cramping would be obscene), it still offers a blend of fun to play tracks.

The big new feature in Modern Hits is the inclusion of Fan Requests. Fan Requests are side missions that you gain access to after you complete each song. Each Fan Request gives you a different condition in which to beat a song, from getting a high note streak, getting a certain percentage, or completing a song on Hyperspeed. There are specific goals for both bass and lead guitar, and completing them will open up different challenges, adding a fun new element to the gameplay.

However, there are a few lingering problems on the horizon for Guitar Hero: Modern Hits. For starters, the game’s control scheme is still quite frustrating and uncomfortable, as the stylus controlled strumming isn’t as responsive as it should be and the grip attachment can be somewhat painful on the wrists and fingers. Additionally, by virtue of using a GBA-slot attachment, Modern Hits (as with the rest of the Guitar Hero DS series) won’t allow recent DSi owners to use the game on their system, and considering the huge sales numbers of the new handheld, this could create a pretty big rift in the game’s potential audience. However, those who are comfortable with the DS games in the series and own a DS or a DS Lite will find plenty of rock in this iteration of the franchise. Look for it to launch this June.

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