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Resistance: Retribution - PSP - Preview 3


Posted by: jkdmedia

Starting with the first game that launched alongside the PS3, Sony’s Resistance franchise has been a tour de force on the PS3, representing one of the best original IPs to debut on the system. The second entry to the series recently launched last fall to wide critical acclaim. Now, Sony and its Bend, Oregon studio are preparing to launch the first PSP iteration of the series with their upcoming third-person shooter, Resistance: Retribution.

Last month, GameZone was given a chance to check out the game’s single-player portion courtesy of a demo. Now, at a recent press event, Sony unveiled the multiplayer portion of what is sure to be one of the must-own PSP titles of 2009.

Resistance: Retribution PSP screenshots

Resistance: Retribution will allow for 8 players to take each other on via ad-hoc (local) or infrastructure (internet). The multiplayer elements will allow players to use the same auto-assist control function as the single-player elements, as well as give you access to all of the weapons available in the single-player game.

The multiplayer portion of the game will really emphasize the “Maquis vs. Cloven” element in the game, pitting the two sides against each other in team-based combat. While a good chunk of the multiplayer element is familiar territory for online shooter fans, with well-known game modes like Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, and Free-for-All playing exactly as many gamers would be expecting them to, there are some fairly different modes available as well, in the form of the Assimilation and Containment modes.

Resistance: Retribution PSP screenshots

Assimilation is a pretty interesting mode, with one player starting on the Cloven side and the others on the Maquis side. The Cloven character has the ability to take down other players, and once they’ve been killed in battle, they will switch teams from Maquis to Cloven, charged with taking down their former allies. The mode is based around a point system like other modes, as killing your opponents will net you a different score depending on whether or not they are on the Cloven or Maquis sides, with more points coming to you if either of you are the “last man standing” on either side. You’ll play through several games as scores are built up to determine the true winner.

Resistance: Retribution PSP screenshots

The other new mode in Resistance: Retribution is Containment. In Containment, each side has to take over emplacements on the map in order to get the enemy side to “overheat”; the more emplacements your team takes over, the faster your enemies will overheat. In order to take them over, you and your team have to shoot them out, and vice versa. Once you’ve taken an emplacement, you are required to protect it as well, or else your opponents can take control and cause your team to overheat.

The modes in Resistance: Retribution are pretty fun to play and handle exceptionally well. Even though most of the online modes are common ground for online shooters, they are still a blast, and the new ones are exciting and engaging.

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