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Rubik's World - NDS - Preview


Posted by: jkdmedia

First appearing in the mid-seventies, the Rubik’s Cube has gone on to become one of the most successful toys ever produced. The toy, simple in concept and yet very difficult to master, is immediately identifiable to people all over the world. There are even tournaments held for those who can solve it the fastest, securing the puzzle’s legitimate position as more than a piece of pop culture.

Now, The Game Factory is readying a Nintendo DS puzzle game featuring the classic cube, offering touch-screen controls that allow you to solve the puzzle in full 3D. If this doesn’t sound like enough of a reason to invest, the game also features a collection of different puzzle games, making for some fun elements for puzzle fans everywhere.

The central component in Rubik’s World is the Rubik’s Cube itself. Using the stylus to position the blocks or rotate the entire cube, you must get each of the six sides to have the same solid color. The game features a tutorial that will explain to you the best ways to quickly solve the cube. The Rubik’s Cube mode is what you’d expect it to be, although the stylus controls were a bit problematic, as it was often difficult to properly align the right set of blocks or rotate without accidentally selecting the wrong set.

Aside from the Rubik’s Cube feature, the game will boast a variety of mini-games that cover several different puzzle types. The games include a music-based mini-game, a math game, and a few different puzzles. Each mode has difficulty levels that can be adjusted, as well as specific tutorials to help you figure out what needs to be done.

Graphically, Rubik’s World doesn’t look like much, but does what it needs to emulate the original puzzle properly, with decent enough looking 3D graphics. The game will also feature local multiplayer gameplay. Look for it to launch early next month.

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