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Big Bang Mini - NDS - Preview


Posted by: jkdmedia

PAX 2008 Preview

The concept behind Big Bang Mini is a simple one. You use the stylus exclusively to move your ship along the bottom screen and you shoot by dragging the stylus towards the object on the top-screen that you want to shoot at. Hitting an object on the top screen will get you a star, which you must catch as it falls onto the bottom screen. However, every shot that you miss will explode into falling debris that can kill you, making it imperative that you try to be accurate with your shots and as avoid falling debris.

Big Bang Mini has some pretty interesting art direction elements. Each of the game’s “real world” environments are done with their own unique graphical style. For example, the Luxor stage is done in a dot matrix style with the enemies composed of a series of dots, while the New York stage is completely different, done in a comic book style, complete with giant declarations of onomatopoeia (POW!) whenever you hit a balloon.

The game also has a challenge mode, which basically has you fighting against hordes of countless enemies as they charge your craft. This mode also has a unique look to it, featuring vector graphics in the style of games like Defender.

Big Bang Mini will also feature a local multiplayer mode for chaotic two-player action. With the game’s fast-paced yet simple action, casual gamers should have a lot of fun with Big Bang Mini.

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