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Resistance: Retribution - PSP - Preview


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The premier launch title for the PlayStation 3, Resistance: Fall of Man was a great FPS title that created a solid franchise with some truly great story elements. Hot on the heels of the big reveal of the game’s upcoming sequel, Resistance 2, Sony’s Bend Studio has announced the development of a PSP entry to the franchise, Resistance: Retribution. A third-person action-adventure title that bridges the gap between Resistance: Fall of Man and the upcoming sequel, Retribution is showing some great progress, in terms of action and atmosphere. Look for it to launch in Spring 2009.

Retribution puts you in control of a soldier named James Grayson, a man who had to kill his own brother after he was found partially converted at a Chimera conversion center. This sends him on a personal vendetta quest, as he goes on a mission to destroy every conversion center that he can. Unfortunately, this gets him in trouble with the military for desertion, for which he gets sentenced to die. However, a French resistance group known as The Maquis gets him out to come and work with them on their mission to take out conversion centers and so begins the adventure.

Resistance: Retribution PSP screenshots

With the controls, the team expressed that they wanted to make sure that the game avoided depending too much on the face buttons, instead focusing on the analog stick for movement. Therefore, they implemented a new aiming system that forms a box on the screen and will automatically target enemies inside it with varying degrees of accuracy depending on the situation. Changing between enemies within the box is simple, only a tap of the face buttons in the direction of the enemy will do. The end result is quite simple to pull off and shouldn’t be overwhelming or unwieldy to PSP gamers.

Of course, one of the cooler elements of the original Resistance was the unique weapon arsenal, and Retribution is no different, offering some familiar favorites from its predecessor as well as some cool new additions. New to the game is the Longbow, a sniper rifle capable of slowing down your enemies before you take your shot, and the Razor, a machine gun that double duties as a disc-launcher, shooting high-powered, ricocheting discs.

Resistance: Retribution PSP screenshots

The game’s cover system is also pretty nice, as you simply move towards an object and your character will seek cover when possible. It is pretty easy to pull off and quite effective when you are under heavy fire.

Retribution is also graphically fantastic, as one of the first third-generation PSP titles. The game features great textures and impressive specular lighting effects. All in all, if you’re a fan of the Resistance universe and own a PSP, you’ll definitely want to check out this title.

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