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Prince of Persia - 360 - Preview


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Back in the earlier days of PC gaming, Jordan Mechner designed an innovative puzzler-based action game that had players navigating a deadly Persian dungeon in order to save the woman they loved. That game, of course, was Prince of Persia, a groundbreaking title that was become one of the most beloved PC games of all time. After a brief hiatus, the Prince returned in The Sands of Time, which in turn spawned a trilogy and earned quite a bit of acclaim. Now, the Prince is gearing up for his third reinvention, simply titled, Prince of Persia. In his next-gen debut, the Prince will sport a new look, a huge open world to explore, and tons of great new elements.

Whereas previous entries to the series have had you updating the Prince with new weapons and abilities as you went, Prince of Persia is pretty different in that he won’t gain anything, giving him the same weapons and abilities through the whole game.

Prince of Persia 2008 Xbox 360 screenshots

However, this time around, the Prince has a new friend named Elika. Elika is a magic user who is along for the ride to help the Prince on his journey, using her magic abilities to send a light in the right direction, rescue the Prince should he get in a hairy situation, and otherwise lend her hand in extremely helpful ways.

Prince of Persia will use the Assassin’s Creed engine, but the Prince is still just as nimble as ever. A noticeable improvement offered via the engine are the huge environments that the Prince can explore.

Graphically, Prince of Persia is a very different aesthetic from previous entries to the franchise. The game uses pseudo-cel shading and an almost watercolored effect with the character models. The environments are huge and sprawling and look fantastic.

Prince of Persia is a nice new direction for the series, offering the same great controls coupled with a huge and exciting new world to explore.


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