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Professional Bull Riders: Out of the Chute - PS2 - Preview


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PBR Out of the Chute is the first ever game for the Professional Bull Riders sport that is on the continual rise here in America. Crave Entertainment is looking to capture the essence of the sport and thrill fans with an authentic experience.

Players will be able to choose one of their favorite bull riders, favorite bull or create their own rider. PBR will include an estimated twelve different riders and bulls. Although it wasn’t commented on who’ll show up in the game, the representative of the game stated that the most popular riders and bulls within the sport are included.

They don’t call professional bull riding the toughest sport on dirt for nothing; the game provides players the chance to ride on the bull and try to balance themselves on top of the bull with the thumbsticks while the bull is trying to buck him off. When you play as the bull, you’ll be using the thumbsticks also, but will be pushing them in several combinations to try and get the rider off your back. After the rider is thrown, the bull is allowed to rampage around the arena for a few seconds and chase after the rodeo clowns.

The multiplayer components give the players a chance to pick the bull or rider and try to determine who is tougher: the nasty bull or the skillful rider. If multiplayer isn’t the area you are interested in, players can jump into a 10-event PBR Championship mode to make it to the World Finals.

Whether you want to be the 2,000 pound bull or ride it, PBR Out of the Chute will release this October in hopes that fans come in waves wanting to play their favorite sport. The game will also be released on the Nintendo Wii at the same time of the Playstation 2’s release.




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