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Bolt - PS2 - Preview


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Based on the upcoming film by Disney Animation Studios, the Bolt video game will be taking a different approach than following the storyline of the movie. Instead of going step by step in remaking the movie into the video game format, Bolt instead is based on if Bolt was actually a dog with super powers.

Within the movie, Bolt believes he has super powers and accomplishes death-defying tasks, but in reality, Bolt is a dog that doesn’t know he’s an actor in action TV show. What the game does is take one of the shows from the movie that Bolt unknowingly stars in and imagines a full thought out storyline for the game. Expanding beyond the film’s plot, the video game reveals new characters and environments that won’t be seen on the big screen.

The gameplay’s spotlight is on Bolt and his human owner Penny. In the movie, John Travolta voices Bolt and Miley Cyrus voices Penny, but they regrettably won’t be featured within the game due to time constraints.

Both Bolt and Penny have different gameplay techniques. Penny’s style is more about stealth and sneaking around enemies without having to engage in combat. On the other hand, Bolt is the in-your-face fighter who’ll attack anything in his sight. Bolt also comes equipped with super-powers including laser eyes to take down the enemies.

The action in the levels will actually display environmental damage such as destroying a piano, breaking windows, tearing up walls and a lot of other damage variances.

For the difficulty, the game’s audience is generally the 13 and under crowd, so the game won’t be too difficult. The demonstration of the gameplay showed the developer breezing through the enemies and hardly taking damage when he was attempting to move on to a different part of the level.

Targeting a November release date, Bolt is coming to virtually all consoles including the Xbox 360, Wii, Playstation 3, Playstation 2, Nintendo DS and PC.





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