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Secret Agent Clank - PSP - Preview


Posted by: jkdmedia

The name is Clank … just Clank.

It’s not easy being the metallic underling to a world- or universe-famous iconic character, but when you are Clank, and working with Ratchet, life is what it is … unless, of course, High Impact Games and SCEA decide to spin you off into your first solo adventure.

Welcome to the world of Secret Agent Clank, an arcade adventure rendered out in wonderful three dimensions and presented in all its graphical glory on the PSP.

GameZone received a copy of the game and while the preview can only talk about some of the elements available in the first three levels, we’ll be able to bring you much more when the game releases in mid June.

The game itself has many elements that are familiar to veteran gamers. There is an element of stealth involved and as Clank is told, ‘the agency rewards those who sneak past their enemies using stealth.’

It all begins at the Boltaire Museum where, in the initial cut scene, Clank is attempting to break in, using the old cutting rooftop glass ploy. Alas, as he (or it) gets the glass removed, he is regaled with the sounds of sirens and he sees Ratchet being carted away. It is moments later, after Clank has returned to his vehicle, that we get a message showing Ratchet claiming responsibility for stealing the Eye of Infinity and putting it where it will not be found.

Well, not only does Ratchet seem a bit out of his usual character, but Clank immediately asks for a retinal scan to prove it is Ratchet. The scan comes back positive, yet Clank seems unconvinced that his partner would do something like this.

You now know the premise of the entire game. Early on, Clank is unarmed, but as with any good title of this sort, he doesn’t stay that way for long. Clank sneaks past spotlight and flashlight beams, punches out the few odd security robotic dogs that do manage to see him and attack and then, once you have used stealth to get past many of the guards and such, you are rewarded with your first weapon. The tie-a-rang is a ranged device that benefits from the game’s auto-targeting system. But robotic dogs, guards and technobots are only a few of the problems faced in the first level. You will also have to work past alarm laser beams. A goo pen is the answer for spotting those tricky little devices.

Of course, if all Clank did was evade light circles and either bash or range attack the enemy, the game would grow staid quickly. So the dev team has thrown in a few other items, like a rhythm game and a button-mashing takedown sequence, to keep players on their toes.

When it comes to the gameplay itself, this title is very intuitive and veteran gamers will have no trouble leaping into the action. When it comes to the graphics, Secret Agent Clank shines. This game looks very good on the handheld. Sure, there are a few jagged edges here and there, but generally the game clips along at a solid frame rate and the graphics are lush.

The sound keeps the humor associated with the Ratchet and Clank series alive and kicking.

This is one of those games you pick up with certain expectations and it achieves them. This is definitely going to be one of those titles that PSP gamers will want to play.

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