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Godzilla Unleashed - PS2 - Preview


Posted by: jkdmedia

The monsters are coming! The monsters are coming! They lurk in the jungle on Lost. They hide in our pockets and say things like, “Pi, Pikachu.” And they spent a good portion of 2006 starring in Geico commercials.

“Hey, we’re not monsters. We’re cavemen!”

Oh, right. Sorry guys.

This Christmas monsters will invade PlayStation 2, Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo DS in the form of Godzilla: Unleashed. These beastly creatures set on the abolishment of everything and everyone they come in contact with. Can you survive their wrath?


With a Dual-Shock 2 in hand, GameZone dove into a build of the PS2 edition to see if we can survive – and find out how the game is coming together.

Godzilla Unplugged

These monsters don’t know the meaning of the term “one hit wonder.” They’re untamed and unbeatable with combos, fire-breathing action, and other fighting game favorites. 

The gameplay falls in line with other brawler-style 3D fighters but from a third-person, behind-the-monster perspective. Battles are occasionally fought from a side view, but it’s unknown what makes the camera change. Currently the game seemed to control this element without any player influence.

Given the larger-than-life creatures you control and fight against, the battle environments – set in nine locales including Sydney, San Francisco and Osaka – are designed to feel insignificant in scope and size. You are Godzilla, Anguirus, Fire Rodan, or one of several other beasts that stand nearly as tall as the tallest skyscraper. The game had to match that enormity with an equally enormous world that felt small and perishable in the hands of a monster.

This has led to small and mid-sized buildings that crumble with ease. You don’t have to hit or jump into them to make these structures fall apart. Like a kid plowing through toy blocks, buildings are crushed the moment you walk into them. Actually, it’s more like walking through them. They can’t withstand the pressure, leading to smoke, debris, and the collapse of the city.


Monsters Incorporated

Godzilla: Unleashed’s single-player quest is built of several battle missions. The general goal is the same every time: destroy the enemy. AI-controlled allies are provided for certain missions, but it’s mostly a solo affair.

Nearly every stage involves a large monster or two, so you can’t refer to the more challenging stages as being “boss battles.” Still, that’s what they amount to. In some cases you’ll have two options: defeat the monster or destroy the crystals that pop up in the city. The crystals are very easy to eliminate, which makes me believe they’ll be updated before the game ships. If not, experienced players will want to ignore the crystal task and go straight for the monster.

What about those stages that don’t involve a living, breathing adversary? Those missions are likely to include a military crew, whose high-powered weaponry could penetrate your monster’s flesh. Bashing helicopters is easy…until they unleash the mother of all helicopters, an aircraft that’s nearly as large as Godzilla. It flies unpredictably and fires missiles at its enemies. But hey, you’re Godzilla. Nothing scares you. Right?

When Big Things Attack

Twenty different monsters are slated for Godzilla: Unleashed’s multiplayer roster. Eight of them were playable from the start: Destroyah, Riryu, Megalon, King Chidorah, Gigan, Godzilla, Anguirus and Fire Rodan. It is not known which of these will be playable at the start of the final game (some may be locked), but you can bet it will be pretty close to this list.

Multiplayer combat is a mishmash of monster bashing and thrashing. Up to four players can enter the game simultaneously. If you’re short on controllers and/or competitors, AI teammates and opponents may be supplemented. This means you’ll never have to play without a full arena, ensuring that the screen is constantly filled with battles that make bar brawls look tame. Russell Crowe, this game is for you.


Blasting up the virtual world next month, Godzilla: Unleashed looks to be the new name in monster/brawler/beat-‘em-up gameplay. The single-player quest and expansive multiplayer options are sure to excite new and existing fans alike when the game ships in November.

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