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Buzz! The Mega Quiz - PS2 - Preview 2


Posted by: jkdmedia

What is a platypus?

Oops, sorry, you don’t need to answer in the form of a question, you need to press the right button – no points for you!

Buzz! The Mega Quiz can be likened to a television game show. You have a buzzer, you are asked questions covering a broad range of topics and sometimes knowing the right answer is not enough, you have to be quick on the buzzer.

SCEA is back at creating games and unique controller elements to up the enjoyment ante and Buzz! The Mega Quiz is a prime example. Buzz games will come with four buzzers that hook into a central unit, which – in turn – connects to the PlayStation 2 with a USB connector. The buzzers are overly large for small hands, but feature a big red button on the top and then four colored bars (blue, orange, green and yellow). The colored buttons correspond to answer choices in the multiple-guess format.

Three rounds, or levels, were available in the demo disk Sony sent out, all centering around answering questions and with two of the levels time based, but with different formats. The first round was a straight-out answer format. There is a time limit to input your answers, but those who answer correctly get 250 points. Each of the players will have the opportunity to pick a category and then a couple of questions are answered within that category. Round two continues with the points, but this is restricted to the fastest and first correct answer received. If you manage to buzz in ahead of the other players and answer correctly, you get to throw a pie at the other player(s). Timing is key here because if you mis-time the toss, you may hit yourself. Two pies to the face eliminates that player.

Round three converts all the points into time. This is a timed question format, but the one that buzzes in fastest with the correct answer will have time added to their total, while time ticks away from everyone else. Answer slowly but correctly and you don’t add time but you are not penalized with more time being taken off for an incorrect answer. Once time runs out, players are eliminated and the last one standing wins.

The game sets up with a nice array of avatars you can select from as your on-screen personality. You can change costume colors and select your own buzz-in sound from a strong selection that features dogs barking, screams, laughing and even car horns. The questions in this demo were not overly hard, and those who enjoy games like trivia pursuit should find this an enjoyable affair.

The game has a slightly irreverent game-show host and the music fits the game well. The graphics are very cartoon-centric but three dimensional and lots of fun.

Buzz! The Mega Quiz packs the fun of a game like Trivia Pursuit into an animated television-style three dimensional format that is great for families and parties. Releasing in late October, this is certainly a game to keep in mind when the family (or friends) gather for an evening of entertainment.

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