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Spider-Man 3 - WII - Preview


Posted by: jkdmedia

With the upcoming third adventure hitting theaters this May, Activision’s Spider-Man 3 is going all-out and hitting a myriad of platforms. At a press event at Activision’s Santa Monica studios, the publisher showcased a bit out of the upcoming Wii version of the licensed game. This version took advantage of the system’s unique abilities, making for some pretty fun two-handed web-slinging and an interesting Black Suit dynamic.

Spider-Man 3 on the Wii will include a storyline that works separately from the one featured in the upcoming Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. Aside from following the premise of the film, the Wii version will also feature a new storyline involving the villain Moebius, a living vampire. This story arc is meant to provide some understanding as to where the symbiote came from, shedding some light on the film itself.

Spider-Man 3 Wii screenshots

The swinging mechanics are quite different from anything else that you’ve played in a Spider-Man game. By holding down the B button or the Z button and flicking either the nunchuck or the Wii-mote, Spider-Man will shoot a stream of webbing out of either his left or right hand. The game requires a bit of ambidexterity, as using one hand won’t allow you to move around so well.

The game will also feature some of the same variety of time-based button minigames as the Xbox 360 and PS3 version. One segment had Parker hanging down from Harry Osborne’s rocket sled (a scene familiar to any Spider-fan who’s seen the trailer for the movie). In this section you have to either flick the Wii-Mote or the Nunchuk in a certain direction in order to dodge cars as you hang from the bottom of the sled and then spam the A button in order to flip on top of it to face Harry. With more flicks of the Wii-mote, you must dodge Harry’s sword attacks.

Spider-Man 3 Wii screenshots

The Black Suit plays a slightly different role in this game than it does in the other console versions. You gain access to the suit, but it has the potential to take over your willpower if you leave it on too long. Succumbing to its effects will cause Peter to pass out, so you’ll have to perform another reflex minigame in order to take the suit off. His powers while in the Black Suit are certainly worth the effort, as you can perform Rage moves and such whilst wearing it.

Graphically, the Wii version is a noticeable step down from the other console versions, but still holds it’s own. The game presents a huge city to play around in and some truly exciting cinematic elements. The character models looked a little rough, but there’s still time to get that stuff sorted out.

Spider-Man 3 Wii screenshots

The Wii version of Spidey’s latest is looking to be a truly unique game and a viable separate entity from other versions of the game currently being developed. Wii fans should keep an eyes open for this one to hit this May.

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