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Super Swing Golf - WII - Preview


Posted by: jkdmedia

E3 2006 First Look Preview

When Nintendo first unveiled the motion sensing Wii pointer, the first few game ideas that came to mind were baseball, fishing and golf. Brought to you by Tecmo, Super Swing Golf Pangya will utilize the Wii controller to allow for a natural golf swing to propel the ball down the fairway. The simple and natural controls should make it easy for anyone to step up and play the game, even if they’ve never played golf before.


The successful PC series Pangya golf never made its way outside Asia. It is a cartoon style game similar to Hot Shots Golf. While the PC game was mainly an online game, the Wii game will be an offline game where you follow the storyline of animated characters with a range of personality and looks. Each good shot is followed by your character’s stylized celebration pose. Since you’ll want to be standing up to play this game, you should feel encouraged to mimic that same celebration. There is also special power shots that add to the fun of a game that doesn’t try too hard to simulate real golf.


While we should also see a golf titles from Wii Sports and EA’s Tiger Woods, there is still room for this game to become popular. However, where Hot Shots golf is popular as a whacky alternative to the many realistic golf games, Pangya will have to work harder to separate itself from a probable Mario Golf title with comparable whacky gameplay. It will help if they are able to have Super Swing Golf Pangya ready for Wii launch this November.


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