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NEW Super Mario Bros.


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E3 2006 Hands On Preview

Nintendo’s trademark little Italian plumber is the single most identifiable character in the video game industry. He has seen countless adventures across many systems, and has continued to stay fresh throughout the years or generations of fans, young and old. He has reinvented himself several times along the way, smashingly making the transition to 3D, donning a water cannon for his GameCube foray, even starring in his own excellent fighting game series. However, Mario is making his next journey to the Nintendo DS in classic form. New Super Mario Bros. is a side-scrolling game played out on a 2D plane and feels a lot like the old-school Super Mario Bros. originally released on the NES way back in the day. However, this is an all-new adventure, with remixed stages and brand new abilities to keep the titular hero in prime form.

NEW Super Mario Bros.® screenshots

As I stated earlier, New Super Mario Bros. is basically somewhat of a retooling of the original Super Mario Bros. You basically do all of the things you did in that game, stomping goombas, collecting fire flowers and the like. However, the stages are different this time around and you have a host of new abilities, some of which have been borrowed from existing Mario games. For example, you can carry a turtle shell around (in the original, you’d just kick it whenever you touched it) and you can perform Mario’s butt-stomp, which allows him to smash through blocks and lay some serious hurt on enemies.

The two-screen layout on the DS works well for New Super Mario Bros. The touch screen works as the HUD for your game, housing the timer and a map indicating your progress. There is also a section for you to store a special item that you’re not using (a la Super Mario World on the SNES). If you’d like to use the item a bit later on, all you have to do is tap it on the screen with the stylus and you’ll equip it.

New Super Mario Bros. is shaping up to be a fun game that will undoubtedly appeal to gamers from all walks of life. Look for it to ship on the 15th of this month.

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