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Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots - PS3 - Preview


Posted by: jkdmedia

E3 2006 First Look Preview

The anticipation started before the trailer even began. All eyes stayed focused on Konami’s projection screen during their 2006 E3 press event. We knew a trailer would be coming, but we didn’t know when, or how much we would get to see. Then they told us, and without being able to think about anything else, we waited for Hideo Kojima’s real-time short film to begin. Officially it’s a trailer, but it had its own story within, a story that gamers will be speculating about till the game is released in 2007. 

When I talk about textures, environments, real-time lighting, I often find myself writing about the next step up. That’s great – games need to move forward, and technological advancements take time. Metal Gear Solid 4, however, does not play by those rules. It doesn’t just move one step forward.

Nothing can compare to the awe that is inspired in everyone who sees the game in action. Screenshots do not do it justice. I’m sure once we get to play it, the movie presentations Konami has been showing will not be able to do the gameplay justice either. 

Solid Snake has always been a great character, but he has slowly evolved into this living, breathing hero you don’t want to see die. 

Which is why it came as a shock when Hideo Kojima led us to believe that Solid Snake would die in Metal Gear Solid 2. That’s also why the world was shocked to hear that in Metal Gear Solid 4, Solid Snake will kill himself in an attempt to stop anyone from using his genes. Ironically, if he doesn’t commit suicide, the aging effect of those genes will eventually be too much for his weakened body to bear. 

But let’s not forget that Hideo Kojima is a master at fooling his audience. He’s a filmmaker trapped in a game developer’s body. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Whatever he is, his Metal Gear tales have never failed to intrigue and inspire. The first Metal Gear Solid had some of the most shocking moments in video game history. Not only that, but it is today’s trend to play on shock value as much as possible (I love 24, but I think it might be the reason why Lost, House, Desperate Housewives, and other popular dramas have taken a no-holds-barred attitude). 

Kojima obviously saw this as an opportunity to shock and surprise once more, and to get us discussing his series once again. Will it really be Solid Snake’s “last mission”? I hope not. I can’t see the point in ending a great video game series. Every story must have an ending… But is there really an end to how far Kojima can go with the gameplay? 

At the end of the trailer we were treated to another surprise: a masked man with the skills of a psycho. No, it isn’t the deceased villain, but rather another familiar face – a face you’re not likely to see in an insane asylum. 

As the two-legged Metal Gears come thrashing through the streets, a fierce warrior emerges to take them down. He evades all but a few attacks; those that he does not evade are reversed with devastating results. He continues performing his fancy footwork, dodging their large, organic legs and slicing them to pieces with his impervious sword. 

Then, as any important character in a story does, he looks into the camera and takes off his mask. The unknown warrior is revealed: Raiden. 

At that point, Kojima left us to cheer. We gasped, delivered our cheers, screams, and irremovable smiles, then exited the event the same way we came in: filled with anticipation. The difference now is that we have more of it.


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