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BLADESTORM: The Hundred Years' War - PS3 - Preview


Posted by: jkdmedia

E3 2006 First Look Preview

One of the titles that KOEI was showing for E3 this year is Bladestorm. There was no playable version of the game shown, but the movie that was running looks like it could be promising.

Like many of KOEI’s other titles, Bladestorm looks to put medieval combat … and lots of it … in your face and in high detail as one of the titles for the PS3. In the video, it showed hundreds of troops … archers, polearms, calvary … all moving in individual units and getting into large scale battles. As the camera pulled back, the battlefield then displayed not hundreds … but thousands of troops locked into battle at one time.

From an initial glance, this looks to be a possible promising title to hit the PS3.   


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