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Coded Arms Assault - PS3 - Preview


Posted by: jkdmedia

E3 2006 First Look Preview

Big guns, flashy graphics, loads of eye candy, real-time lighting, impressive textures, loads of eye candy, and… 

Did I mention the eye candy? 

Coded Arms is one of those titles that you’ll leave the show thinking about for its speed, its destructiveness, and its utilization of the PS3’s graphics processor. The worlds look huge and endless. I’m sure there are blockers (signs? Road blocks? An invisible wall?), but from this video demonstration the game looks massive. 

The footage was without menus or any instant telltale signs of gameplay, but you could tell it was real-time, and I’m pretty certain the finished gameplay will look that good, maybe even better. Take a look at the screens and judge for yourself. 

Coded Arms Assault PlayStation 3

Coded Arms is very technology-oriented. When you fire your gun, a trail of what I’ll refer to as “computer imagery” follows the bullets to their final resting place. Enemies die with a similar connection to technology. Even the air is filled with lines and symbols that form shapes and (presumably) barriers. 

At the end of the trailer the heroic fighter takes off her mask. That’s right – I said her. She’s like a futuristic Samus, taking advantage of every innovation at her disposal, including better weaponry. She bears a striking resemblance to the way Charlize Theron looked in Aeon Flux. Keep in mind that the game is far from complete. Anything we see could be changed before its release. 

Coded Arms Assault screenshots

I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the run-n-gun scenarios (where she had to constantly duck and run for cover, firing back whenever possible) stay intact, and that more are on the way. As for the lead character’s resemblance to a popular actress, it’s likely a test to see if gamers go for the Aeon Flux look. Right now I’m digging it. Show me what else you can do with her hair. And do it in real-time, with hairspray and moose. As long as it’s polygonal and looks realistic, no one will be able to turn their eyes away.


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