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Call of Duty 2 - 360 - Preview


Posted by: jkdmedia

The tank rumbles across the terrain, running over enemy soldiers and blasting other hostile metallic beasts that sit there trying to train on your moving machine. No stationary targets, this move and shoot, the only thing that impairs accuracy is the unevenness of the terrain …

The American soldiers are holding a slight edge in a quick-paced game of capture the flag. Sitting on a balcony, BAR with sniper scope in hand, waiting for that enemy soldier to come try to steal the American flag … hehe, here he comes. Scope on … he has no idea … BAM! Scratch one Nazi. … and there is another, sneaking through the park … BAM! Scratch two. Oops, grenade, too long in one spot. BAM! Scratch one American sniper.

Whether it is a rousing game of capture the flag, deathmatch or working through the single-player experience, Call of Duty 2 for the Microsoft Xbox 360 is one fine-looking game. The action is every bit as intense as its PC forefathers and cousin, and the graphics, aglow on a huge plasma screen, are just short of truly amazing. Why just short? They were expected to be good because this is high-def gaming. 

Activision and Infinity Ward held a media event in San Francisco recently to show off both the PC and the 360 versions of the Call of Duty 2 title, and the game was everything expected and a little more. One level had a Russian soldier using an overhead pipe system to work behind German lines in a rail yard. A gaping hole in the pipe reveals soldiers below, sitting targets. The Russian soldier opens fire, which is – naturally – returned by the Nazis. The rusted pipe pops with holes punctured through by the bullets, slim streams of light filtering up.

CoD 2 is much bigger than the first title, estimated somewhere around 150% the size. Missions include vehicle and soldier missions, with each of the missions holding several objectives. But don’t expect this to be a cake walk. The enemy AI is smart, understanding elements like suppression fire and cover.

The game’s multiplayer action was solid. With the event set up the way it was, four players took part in the battles with the high-def screen split four ways. The size of the screen certainly helped although the controls, at this stage of the game’s development, seemed a little less responsive than its PC counterpart.  

The sound was robust and amply displayed in surround sound. The voices are spot on and though there is some repetition in phrases used, for the most part the game captures the essence of the time and circumstances.

Call of Duty 2 for the 360 is slated to release later this year.

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