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Quake 4 - 360 - Preview


Posted by: jkdmedia

Id Software’s Quake series has been a staple in PC gaming for nearly a decade. Each entry to the series has been an innovation in terms of gameplay as well as PC technology. Quake IV looks to be no different. Featuring an enhanced version of id’s own Doom III engine, Quake IV serves as a continuation of the storyline last visited in the second installment of the franchise. I was shown Quake IV in action as a developer played through a few areas, and the results were quite awesome. Quake IV is shaping up to be a nice entry to the series.

The storyline in Quake IV follows right on the trail of the events set forth in Quake II. Your character is a space marine sent to the Strogg planet to deliver the final blow against them, after the lone hero from the second game killed their leader. However, not all turns out so simple, as you are captured by the Strogg and “converted” into one of them, through a grizzly and torturous procedure. However, before you can be completely brainwashed and changed into one of them mentally, a group of your fellow marines liberates you, and you take on the Strogg as one of them, with their traits and abilities. But how long can you subdue the evil that lurks beneath your skin?

The graphics in Quake IV are quite amazing, as is the ambience in the environments. The look is much brighter than Doom III, and the Strogg planet is well represented. The hideous enemies look fantastic as well, a mix of creature and machine, similar to the enemies in Doom III, and do realistic things like tear through walls and pipes to get to you. The game makes amazing use of the engine, looking as realistic and frightening as any game.

You function much less as a lone fighter in this game, as you must work with other soldiers in order to neutralize enemies. They act realistically, taking cover and utilizing military tactics to defeat the Strogg threat. You can also pilot vehicles like mechs to take out your enemies.

While details were still a bit scant on Quake IV, you can bet that it will be a worthy successor to the franchise when it’s released.


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