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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - NDS - Preview


Posted by: jkdmedia

You’re standing before a Judge and jury in a criminal case that might make or break your career as a defense lawyer and all you’ve got are your unusual cross-examination methods, loads of evidence and an assistant that just happens to be psychic.  Before you dismiss this as yet another wacky Japanese import, this interesting Nintendo DS title might just be the kind of game that’s something altogether fresh and worthwhile.

Released in Japan as Gyakuten Saiban, Ace Attorney follows the career of Phoenix Wright who takes on five criminal cases starting with a murder trial that involves his best friend since grade school, Larry Butz (I’m not making this up, that’s his name).  It seems that the girl Larry has been dating has just turned up murdered and Butz is the only suspect.  Worse yet the Prosecution has an experienced lawyer named Payne.  Yet with the aid of your boss, Chief Attorney Mia Fey (who wears shorter skirts than Ally McBeal) we come to learn about handling evidence and cross-examining witnesses.

For starters, the Judge asks you to identify the defendant and name the victim all which can be accessed with the touch of the lower screen under the Court Record menu and there you can access evidence and case profiles.  When the judge asks you for the name of the defendant, for example, you’ll be given a list of names multiple choice style.  The Prosecution soon calls its first witness and the words WITNESS TESTIMONY flashes on the screen.  This then becomes your chance to witness through still images what the witness saw.  You then get to cross-examine the witness, asking questions that could reveal lies or faulty testimony.

The game’s look is similar to Sprung in that the characters are colorful and anime-style but they certainly look good on the DS.   Ace Attorney also might not utilize the Nintendo DS touch screen other than to access the Court Records or to bring up the next screen.  There’s no word whether the DS’ other features like the microphone will be used but even without it the game might bring up the old PC murder mystery text  games.

Playing lawyer might not suit everyone’s tastes but seeing how unique nature of the game’s subject matter and playing style this might just be right up the alley of those that want something distinctively interesting al

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