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Pac 'n Roll - NDS - Preview


Posted by: jkdmedia

Pac-Man sure gets around these days. He’s an adventurer. A puzzler. A pseudo-3D-whatever-you-call-it. Later this year he’ll spin like a rolling hedgehog in Pac ‘N’ Roll.

Directional pad controls might be available, but the first thing I did was scratch the screen with the stylus. It seemed like the natural thing to do. Upon doing so, Pac-Man instantly started rolling around in the direction of the stylus’s stroke!

A new way to avoid the yellow-gobbling ghosts? Nope. The touch-screen rolling is a key component of the gameplay, which sends Pac-Man into new territory. His new worlds are wider, longer, and full of unusual, un-Pac-Man-like things. I bet you never expected to see him roll up and down slides, did you? You probably didn’t expect him to visit a floating world either.

Movable platforms must be traversed to get to the end. Zealous gamers are bound to fall for the trap at least once, but saying that is like saying it’s an easy-to-solve problem. Wrong! Getting used to the controls is one thing, but learning how to maneuver Pac-Man properly in this unique world – that’s wholly another.

Rolling Pac-Man around these worlds is as much fun as it looks. In time you’ll unlock the mystery and begin to notice the subtle mechanics that make this a great game. Like pushing the stylus down on the screen and lightly dragging it to the point where Pac-Man should be. Death was overcome because your maneuvering skills had improved.

Or hastily, but not frantically, hitting the screen to get somewhere quick (kind of like myself running from South Hall to West Hall at the LA Convention Center. Sorry sir, didn’t mean to bump ya!). Some might call that frantic but that’s just crazy talk.

So far the graphics are good but still missing something , like perfectly polished backgrounds. This should be forthcoming in the finished product.

Pac ‘n Roll has gone from an “I want to try it” game on my E3 list to the “I want to own it!” list for games I will own this year. Yes, I will own this one. Nothing can stop Pac ‘n Roll from getting in my clutches. Nothing!

“What about dela—“

Shhh! We don’t speak of that word here.


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