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Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 06 - 360 - Preview


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The Tiger Woods golf series has been one of EA Sports more successful sports franchises, providing gamers with a deep and engaging golfing experience every year. Each version of the series has had a touted new feature to separate it from the rest of the pack. However, with the 2006 entry to the series, the game’s developers basically went back to the drawing board with their swing mechanics, effectively dissecting it and working on the elements that players felt needed improved while enhancing the ones that the players liked. The result is Tiger Woods 2006, which will be the golf game to beat this year, and a worthy launch title for Microsoft’s new console.

Tiger Woods 2006 puts you in control of one of nine different golfers, including the man himself. If not one of them strikes your fancy, then the deep Create-A-Player mode from previous games is returning. You’ll play through six different venues to play through, and the game will feature Live support for up to four players.

The biggest change in Tiger Woods 2006 is the revamped swing controls. In previous games, you would only use one analog stick to control your swing and your accuracy. Now in Tiger Woods 2006, you must use both analog sticks, with one controlling your swing and the other one controlling spin and ball control, making for a bit more challenge and overall authenticity. The putting system will also be revamped, but the folks at EA weren’t quite ready to comment on just how.

Graphically, Tiger Woods 2006 looks amazing on the Xbox 360. The character models are nearly photorealistic, but the environments are breathtaking, and absolutely teeming with detail. Water hazards will have realistic water effects and physics, as well as fish swimming under the surface. Trees will have realistic bump mapping, meaning that knots and bark will be well represented, giving you a real sense that you are right on the course. And if previous years are any indication, Tiger Woods 2006 shouldn’t look too shabby on the Xbox or PS2, either.

Tiger Woods 2006 is shaping up to be a great looking game of golf that ups the ante in terms of accuracy and should be the one to look out for if you are a golfing fan trying to get your Xbox 360 library going at the system’s launch. Check it out for the PS2 and Xbox this September and on the 360 when it releases.


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