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Prey - 360 - Preview


Posted by: jkdmedia

First hinted at almost a decade ago, 3D Realms’ Native American themed first person-shooter was originally set to use a modified version of the original Quake engine. Now, after a long time on the shelf, Prey is finally looking to be getting ready for release. However, this time around, Prey is using a modified version of the Doom 3 engine, meaning that it is shaping up to be one of the best looking games set for release on the PC. Plus, the gameplay is looking very sweet as well, with some great ambient elements and cool abilities that your character can perform. Prey is finally here, and the results are quite breathtaking.

In Prey, you play as Tommy, a Cherokee mechanic with no drive in life who is stuck on a reservation. However, when a nasty threat from another world interrupts the peace, Tommy must rekindle the spiritual powers of his ancestors in order to save the world from the alien threat.

Prey has a ton of innovative weapons and abilities for your character to use throughout the quest. You have staple weapons from FPS games, like shotguns, rocket launchers and such. However, you also have cool new organic weapons, like little crablike creatures that turn into live grenades when you tear off one of their legs and throw them at enemies.

Also, you can do a variety of cool things in the game, like walking on walls and on ceilings in certain areas, and Spirit Walking. Spirit Walking is very cool because you basically step out of your body to get a better edge on a situation. As you spirit walk, you can fire magic arrows at foes, operate switches and get to hard to reach places, making it truly an essential part of the gameplay.

Since the game is using an enhanced Doom 3 engine, it’s safe to assume that Prey is going to be beautiful. At this point, the game looks amazing, with detailed environments and freaky enemies. The use of portals is important to the gameplay mechanics, and these look especially cool, as they are basically windows that you can use to seamlessly pass from one area to another and back with no interruption in the gameplay. This makes the game feel very smooth and connected, adding to the realism, even in the hugely fantastical situations.

After a meaty time in development, Prey is almost here and looking to take the Xbox 360 by storm when it is released.


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