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FRANTIX - PSP - Preview


Posted by: jkdmedia

E3 Preview 2005

Puzzle gaming on the PSP is in for a boost when Sony Online Entertainment and Killer Game combine simple intuitive play with addicting gaming with Frantix.

Efficiency is the key to success in this fast-paced game, in which conquering a level can take from six seconds to two minutes to work through. The control scheme is simple to use and the idea is to collect gems as you work through each of the 150-plus levels of the game.

This three-dimensional puzzle title will challenge gamers to think fast and plan strategies on the fly. Pushing and pulling boxes to drop into water to bridge across to the next point of access, or reconfiguring the path of a catdragon to cause it to trip a trigger and allow the gamer access to a certain area is part and parcel of the game.

Game features include:

  • Power Pick-Ups - Collect colored Gems to advance to higher levels and grab specialized power pick-ups for additional speed boost, invincibility, and many more. 

  • Unique Obstacles – Each level is filled with unique obstacles including moveable objects, toll gates, and complex walls.

  • Hazards and Traps – Watch out for deadly hazards from lava to quick sand and tricky traps that will bring certain doom to your character.

  • Enemies and Creatures – Avoid these crafty critters at all cost because coming into contact with any one of these guys spells certain death.

Frantix is a single-player experience. Players begin the game with one avatar, but can unlock two more as they move through the level. Of course, setting the best time in each level is vital, and gamers will be lulled into this title by the addictive need to better a time, or to move through the level with much more efficiency.

The game can be controlled with either the analog stick or the D-pad. The camera settles in above the player and behind, giving that cloud-like look down into the world. The graphics are lush and attractive with delightful animation and solid environments.

This was a game that was not only easy to dive in to and play, but also carried a sense of fun and light-heartedness through the game environments.

Frantix looks to be the type of puzzle game that will appeal to all ages, and cater to those with not much time as well as those who don’t mind working through a level time and again to better their score.

Look for Frantix to release this fall.

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