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Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex - PSP - Preview


Posted by: jkdmedia

Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex is a first-person shooter coming out for the PSP this summer. I was able to snatch up a demo unit at the Bandai booth to give it a spin.

Right away I noticed the graphics were great. It’s a standard FPS, so you see your gun in front of you, though I found a feature in the pause menu that allowed me to change the camera angle to see my character and my surroundings. But to continue play I had to revert to first-person view.

The gameplay was also pretty standard; go from room to room shooting enemies. What puts a spin on it is that you have a Tachikoma as a partner the whole time. In case you aren’t familiar with the Ghost in the Shell universe, a Tachikoma is a sort of mini-mech with its own AI. You’re able to give it quick commands or even hop in and ride it, using its weapons and everything.

These Tachikomas are even upgradeable, allowing for new weapons and such to be attached to it.

The game played very smooth, and looked great on the PSP’s screen. Movement was handled with the analog nub and looking was controlled with the face buttons (X, Square, O, and Triangle). Jump and fire were mapped to the shoulder buttons, and quick commands and utilities were mapped to the d-pad. So locking on, changing weapons, and boarding your Tachikoma are accomplished quickly by tapping the corresponding direction button.

Ghost in the Shell was a very fun game and a solid shooter. PSP gamers looking to expand their library should definitely check this one out.  


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