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MediEvil Resurrection - PSP - Preview


Posted by: jkdmedia

PRE-E3 2005: Hands On

As the masters of ancient lore would tell it, Sir Daniel Fortesque – mortally wounded – ended the threat of the evil sorcerer Zarok at the Battle of Gallowmere by fighting through and killing the threat to the land.

What the tales tell, and what really happened can be at odds with one another. Fortesque was essentially a coward who died in the first wave of arrows. And Zarok died, but sort of didn’t die. How can that be, you ask? Well, let’s put it this way … he’s baaaaack! 

MediEvil Resurrection is a PSP-only title developed by Cambridge Studios for SCEA, set for release in September of 2005. The game tells of the tell of the return of Zarok, who is raising an undead army, and inadvertently raises Sir Daniel, who now has the chance to be the hero everyone thinks he is. The only problem is that Sir Daniel is not quite the warrior he once was – in fact, he is somewhat skeletal himself.

Resurrection sports graphics that fall in line with Tim Burton’s The Nightmare before Christmas movie, is graphically quite rich and has a great deal of humor underscoring the storyline.

Game features include:

  • 19 levels with a variety of gameplay locations

  • More than 70 mini-games divided among single-playing and WiFi multiplayer via the Ad Hoc connectivity

  • A robust combat system with 20 weapons and combat/shielding system with more than 200 moves and multiple combos

  • In-game help courtesy of the VooDoo Witch

  • More than 100 film-quality cutscenes.

The gameplay is fairly straightforward. Players navigate a level, defeating mobs, solving minor puzzles, and progressing to the exit to the next level. Mobs drop weapons, which you can equip to advance your damage output. When the game first begins, it appears as though Sir Daniel is swinging his arm, which – thankfully – finds its proper place as he acquires weapons.

The game’s sounds are well done, but the dark graphics tend to obscure a few of the rewards, at least at this stage in the development and in the cemetery level available for play. However, the overall look of the game was fun, and compelling. If there were one element that seemed lacking, it would be a sense of energy to the game – at least at this stage. The initial stage was a lot of what has been done before, though maybe not on the handheld yet. However, this title is still months from release and much can change between now and then. The multiplayer aspects are certainly robust enough, and the game is rife with humor and should illicit more than a chuckle or two.



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