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ParaWorld - PC - Preview


Posted by: jkdmedia

E3 2004 PreviewsParaWorld drops you right in the middle of a parallel world where dinosaurs coexist with humans. Three heroes are sent to this world by their enemy, the Seas, and they must learn to adapt and fight if they want to survive.

ParaWorld takes place across many environments including desert, jungle, and more. Different environments harbor different dinosaurs and different enemy tribes, but don’t worry; you’ll have help along the way.

The three heroes each have their own special moves and also bonuses that they add to the units they are leading. You build units just like in any other RTS, and more slowly become available as you play. There will also be times where a tribal chieftain will help you out, and this chieftain will open up new units to build or train for the limited time you have them.

You will have to battle your way through various enemies from African, Norsemen, and Asian tribes. Each tribe has their own sort of “theme” – for example the Norsemen have many water units like Viking ships and giant sea turtles. Tribes won’t be your only enemy, because there will be untamed dinosaurs spawning on the maps as well. They will continue to spawn until their nest is destroyed. There will also be day and night cycles, including dinosaurs that only come out in the day or night.

ParaWorld has a nice look to it – all the units are detailed nicely. Sunflowers is even playing around with different camera angles, including action-packed chase cams and down low free cams so you can move about the action.

Para World was still fairly early in development when I saw it, but so far it already has some very nice features and a good set up. ParaWorld will support up to 8 players online, and is scheduled to come out in 2005.          


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