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Posted by: jkdmedia

E3 2003 - First Look

When the original Spider Man game hit consoles, reviewers like me were impressed at how good a "movie to game" translation it was. Good controls, good gameplay, and neat graphics made up the bulk of the enjoyment. Now, Activision will be releasing Spider Man 2 for all consoles in the summer of 2004, right alongside the new movie release. Basically, Activision has mapped out 160 square blocks of Manhattan, and have now incorporated a "go anywhere" kind of non-linear style ... as long as you keep in mind that the city is yours to protect. Various main missions and sub missions will be available to play in, each one acceptable or declinable to influence the final outcome. There are some cool additions added in to incorporate things into fighting like hanging civilians from light posts to keep them out of harms way ... or grabbing multiple enemies at once with your web and throwing them around.

Some great new stunts, awesome combos, smooth gameplay, and breathtaking scenery will make up a definitely improved version of a great original. It's looking awesome!

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