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Xenoblade Chronicles X Guide: Acquiring the Flight Module for your Skell

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Xenoblade Chronicles X Guide: Acquiring the Flight Module for your Skell

Getting your Skell is awesome, as you'll undoubtedly be able to explore not only more of the map, but at a much quicker pace. After chapter 9, things get even cooler, as you'll be able to upgrade your Skell with a Flight Module.

This quest isn't difficult, but finding the right enemies that will drop the components you need can be quite a pain. There is a chance that once you start this mission, you'll either have one or both of the components needed, but if you don't here is how to find the enemies to get the components quickly.

The two enemies in question are the Oc-serv in Sylvalum, and Aertrygons from Oblivia. The former are actually easy to find, and chances are you might already have this component if you've been to Sylvalum, since they're the two flying robot looking things when you come into Sylvalum. They can be found here.

Sylvalum Map

To get there, simply teleport to FN Site 403, which is the first teleport you'll come across upon discovering Sylvalum. Simply head North until you come to the opening in the chasm, which will be guarded by two Oc-servs.

The second enemy, the Aertrygons, are tricky to find, and had me scouring Oblivia until I happened to find them. They're literally tucked under Oblivia, near the Southern tip. There is actually a Data Probe there so if you've already unlocked that, then you're already one step ahead. This is the spot on the map.

Oblivia Map

To get there, you can simply fall off the side of the map, and drop into the ocean near the South of the map, and simply swim until you get to that specific ravine. Or you can teleport near that area and simply drop down. Once there, you'll see an abundance of these things floating above water.

Once you get the two items required, go back to the Skell Hangar and the flight module is yours, free of charge. If you also have any party members with Skells, they'll be upgraded for free as well.

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