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Xenoblade Chronicles Walkthrough | Part 08: Into the Ether Mine


The best JRPG in years is finally here, but with all this content, it's easy to get lost. Thankfully, GameZone.com is here with our full Xenoblade Chronicles walkthrough and FAQ! This walkthrough assumes you are using the Wii Classic Controller. If you're using the standard Wii Remote, please consider buying an actual video game controller and playing the game correctly!

Ether Mine: Meeting Otharon


  • Colony Upa (Lv019-020)
  • Drunk Vang (Lv019)
  • M42 Scout Unit (Lv019)
  • Mechon M32X (Lv020)
  • Mechon M42 (Lv020)
  • Mechon M53X (Lv021)
  • Junk Krabble (Lv020)
  • Materia Krabble (LV024)
  • Elegant Marin (Lv29) [AVOID]


  • Animal - Light Bat, Black Frog, Yellow Cat (Reward: Back Atk Plus II)
  • Bug - Black Beetle, Robber Mantis, Mystery Fyrefly (Reward: Bleed Defense III)
  • Nature - Charcoal Leg, Ether Pebble, Rumble Coal (Reward: Recovery Up II)
  • Parts - Black Chip, Ready Coil (Reward: Topple Up II)
  • Strange - Love Crane, Fire Abron (Reward: Muscle Up II)
  • 100% Completion Award: Rayon Pike

Inside the Ether Mine, proceed north, climbing the scaffolding towards the Drainage Control Room. You'll see some Drunk Vang flying around, try to see if you can get them to drop Reyn's Pile Driver weapon, which is a decent choice at this point in the game. 

LANDMARK [Drainage Control Room]
Reward: 190 EXP, 114 AP, 36 SP
Found: Entrance to Colony 6 caves

Inside the Control Room, talk to the Nopon Merchant to pick up some additional gear for the team, the Stealth Rifle is a particularly decent weapon for Sharla. Also buy some skill books, so you can start upgrading skills beyond the current limits. You'll be facing a lot of Mechon in this chapter, so Break and Topple Arts are definitely worth upgrading, as well as Monado abilities. Then continue into the pits.

LANDMARK [Test Pit 1]
Reward: 60 EXP, 38 AP, 12 SP
Found: Throughout initial Ether Mine area

LANDMARK [Test Pit 2]
Reward: 60 EXP, 38 AP, 12 SP
Found: Throughout initial Ether Mine area

LANDMARK [Test Pit 3]
Reward: 60 EXP, 38 AP, 12 SP
Found: Throughout initial Ether Mine area

Seek out the Test Pit landmarks in this area, as well as the many Ether Desposits scattered around (look for the hammer icon on your map). When you first enter the area a Wind Ether deposit to the north. Go as far south as you can to find a secret area crawling with overpowered Krabble. Collect the insane amounts of free EXP given for discovery, but then ditch out for now.

SECRET AREA [Glowmoss Lake]
Reward: 1240 EXP, 304 AP, 96 SP
Found: Southeast of initial Ether Mine area

If you encounter any Krabble in the caves, take care to only attack the front, they're otherwise defended by their hard shells. After finding all three Test Pits and mining the area for as many Ether Crystals as you can carry, continue northwest out of the Test Pit area, where you'll find Otharon in trouble. Time for a massive Mechon fight!

LOCATION [Storage Depot]
Reward: 63 EXP, 38 AP, 12 SP
Found: Site of the Mechon battle

This battle is a huge pain in the neck simply due to how many Mechon there are. Focus first on taking out the M32X flying around, which become a nuisance if not dispatched. Then unload on the bigger ground based Mechon one by one. Be sure and have your party focus on a single target, or this fight will take forever...

LANDMARK [Mining Base]
Reward: 195 EXP, 114 AP, 36 SP
Found: Team spawns here after the Mechon battle

After the battle Otharon explains his plan for retaking Colony 6, but Shulk has a vision of the man jumping to his death. Unsure of how to prevent this, the team moves south from the storage depot deeper into the mines...

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