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Xenoblade Chronicles Walkthrough | Part 04: Return to Tephra Cave


The best JRPG in years is finally here, but with all this content, it's easy to get lost. Thankfully, GameZone.com is here with our full Xenoblade Chronicles walkthrough and FAQ! This walkthrough assumes you are using the Wii Classic Controller. If you're using the standard Wii Remote, please consider buying an actual video game controller and playing the game correctly!

Tephra Caves: The Road to Colony 6


  • Medium Skeeter (Lv008)
  • Desert Krabble (Lv008-009)
  • Wind Vang (Lv006-009)
  • Noble Brog (Lv010)
  • Worker Arachno (Lv005-008)
  • Officer Arachno (Lv008)
  • Director Arachno (Lv009-010)
  • Arachno Pod (Lv010)
  • Solid Konev (Lv010) [UNIQUE]
  • Gluttonous Eugen (Lv011) [UNIQUE]


  • Fruit: Clear Almond, Bright Fig, Dark Grape (Reward: Lightning Attack II)
  • Flower: Insanity Mint, Night Tulip (Reward: Poison Defence III)
  • Animal: Shin Newt, Cave Rat, Shin Gecko, Happy Rabbit (Reward: HP Up II)
  • Bug: Brown Butterfly, Gold Caterpillar, Rumble Stonefly (Reward: Slow Resist II)
  • Nature: Knewwcap Rock, Confusion Ivy, Clarity Moss (Reward: Attack Plus II)
  • Strange: Leaf Mystery, Steel Silk (Reward: Attack Stability II)
  • 100% Completion Reward: Warrior Cuisses

Before leaving Colony 9, do travel around a bit and accept / complete some sidequests. The EXP boost will definitely help you in this challenging chapter. 

HEART-TO-HEART [Enduring Friendship]
Found: Just outside the Tephra Caves
Requires: Shulk and Reyn, Green Affinity
Correct Answers: 

  • When we had that big fight?
  • Of course

 If you earlier passed up on fighting any of the three unique monsters found in the caves (Mining PatrichevCellar Bugworm, Wallslide Gwynry), you should be at a high enough level to take them out now. Check out our Unique Monster Guide (coming soon!) for more information on these critters!

After taking out any unique monsters you've missed and snagging some affinity coins, proceed up the ramp in Warehouse 2. You'll find that the previously locked door on the right side of the nearby cooridor is now open. Proceed through it into the Escape Pod Bay.

LOCATION [Escape Pod Bay]
Reward: 25 EXP, 16 AP, 6 SP
Location: Through the newly opened door in Tephra Caves

The Defense Force Soldier in the Escape Pod Bay has a few simple collection quests to hand out. Snag them, then continue along the path.

LOCATION [Tephra Cavern]
Reward: 26 EXP, 16 AP, 6 SP
Location: Deep inside Tephra Caves, past the Escape Pod Bay

Proceed to the west side of the cavern where you'll find your first ether deposit. These large crystal formations give off ether crystals perfect for making gems. Though they can only be mined for a few minerals at a time, they do replenish over time, so return to them whenever possible.

LANDMARK [Spring of Grief]
Reward: 70 EXP, 48 AP, 18SP
Location: The ice ether deposit inside Tephra Cavern

You may also spot the unique Krabble monster Solid Konev hanging out around the Tephra Cavern lakeside during the right time of day. Definitely take it out if you get the chance!

As you continue into the caves, you'll likely stumble across some Arachno monsters. These monsters are alerted by noises, not sight, so if you tread carefully past them (moving at walking speed) you can avoid any battles you're not in the mood for. 

Continuing on, the team finds some deceased Colony 6 soldiers, deciding that the scene of this monster attack is the perfect place to set up camp. Who can be surprised when that night, the Arachno attack en masse!

This mass of Worker Arachno can seem intimidating, but by spamming some wide attack arts you should be able to whittle their numbers down. The battle starts with the enemy bunched together, so quickly use the Monado's Buster attack for some serious damage. From there, just pick off the weakest spiders one by one.

From this cavern, move west towards the orange flag on your map. Along the way, you'll find some strange egg sacs, though while investigating then, Reyn is suddenly whisked away by a spider's web. Time to rescue him! You're likely not strong enough to take out the Arachno Pods before they can explode, which will release a horde of Worker Arachno. Instead, move quietly past them to avoid battle. Continuing into the cave you'll find a Fire Ether Deposit to your left. Mine it quickly, then continue on the right path, still staying quiet to avoid the Arachno.

LANDMARK [Vilia Lake]
Reward: 73 EXP, 48 AP, 18SP
Location: The large blue lake towards the end of the Tephra Caves

Villia Lake is swarming with monsters, including the unique monster Gluttonous Eugen, though you're better off returning with Reyn later to take care of them. For now immediately proceed to the ivy ladder at the other end of the caves. Once at it's top, turn right and dash off towards the Arachno Queen's lair. Get ready for a spider-busting fight!

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