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Xenoblade Chronicles Walkthrough | Part 03: Colony Under Siege


The best JRPG in years is finally here, but with all this content, it's easy to get lost. Thankfully, GameZone.com is here with our full Xenoblade Chronicles walkthrough and FAQ! This walkthrough assumes you are using the Wii Classic Controller. If you're using the standard Wii Remote, please consider buying an actual video game controller and playing the game correctly!

Colony 9: Mechon Siege


  • Ancient Machine (Lv008)
  • Mechon M31 (Lv005)
  • Mechon M42 (Lv005)
  • Mechon M51 (Lv005)
  • Mechon M63 (Lv006)
  • Mechon M69 (Lv006)
  • Mechon M72 (Lv006)
  • Mechon M82 (Lv008)
  • Metal Face (Lv10) [BOSS]


  • Vegetable: Sweet Wasabi, Cool Potato, Red Lettuce, Chewy Radish (Reward: Quick Step III)
  • Fruit: Dance Apple, Black Kiwi (Reward: Agility Up II)
  • Flower: Strong Dandelion, Moon Flower, Dawn Hydrangea (Reward: Poison Defense III)
  • Bug: Prairie Dragonfly, Giant Hornet, White Beetle, Sorrow Beetle (Reward: Regnas Gauntlets)
  • Parts: Blue Chain, Rabbit Diode (Reward: Ether Up II)
  • Strange: Plate Snow, Rainbow Zirconia (Reward: Strength Up II)
  • 100% Completion Reward: Carbon Driver

LANDMARK [Cylinder Hangar]
Reward: 60EXP, 36AP, 12SP
Location: Right outside the Tephra cave rear exit

Exiting the cave the Cylinder Hangar will be to your right, but first take some time to admire the beautiful view from up here. Xenoblade really is a gorgeous game...

Afterwards, enter the hangar, where your party will accidentally trip an alarm, setting loose two Anicent Machines. You'll now have access to party commands, letting you instruct your team on how to attack. Hold the 'ZR' button, then press up on the d-pad so your party focuses their attacks on the same monster. Use Shulk's break arts to set up a topple from Reyn, and you should be able to dispatch these baddies with no major problems.

Unfortunately, right after defeating the Ancient Machines, Colony 9 comes under attack by Mechon! Time to head back to the town area to try and save everyone. If you want you can pass back through Tephra Cave to grind levels or take on some of the unique monsters you may have passed over, though when you're ready, the quickest way to the colony is to drop down from the ledge across from the Cylinder Hangar. Your characters can survive any fall as long as they land in water at the end, so aim for the lake below and dive in!

LOCATION [Anti Air-Battery I]
Reward: 12 EXP, 6 AP, 2 SP
Location: To the west of Colony 9, along the beach

Once down in the water, swim towards the beach. From there, follow the arrow towards town. Fiora will briefly leave the party to check on Dunban, leaving Shulk and Reyn to fight a Mechon M63 by themselves. The Mechon cannot be damaged by normal weapons unless they've been toppled, so use Shulk's Turn Strike art to break the enemy, which Reyn will hopefully know to follow with Wild Down. You may want to switch to Reyn for the rest of this chapter, to ensure that Wild Down is used any time an enemy is broken.

Fiona returns to the party after this battle, letting the team know Dunban is gone. Time to beat your way through towards the fortress. If you're looking to grind out some experience, seek out the large Mechon M82s, who also tend to drop Regnas Gauntlets and other decent gear (though you may prefer to run past them now, and return later with Dunban's Monado sword to make the killing much easier). Be careful not to attract too many Mechon at once though. Try and isolate groups of 1-2 Mechon at a time and take them on. If you find yourself taking on too many of these baddies, don't be afraid to select the flee command and return when they aren't bunched together.

After you make it out of the Commercial District, you'll see Corporal Vangarre assaulted by the terrible Mechon boss Metal Face. Inside the fortress you'll find that the entrance to the Weapon's Dev Lab is covered in rubble. The new plan is to charge up the mobile artillery that crashed in the residential district. Return to the central plaza where Fiona will leave the party while Reyn and Shulk take on a large force of Mechon. This battle is a bit of a slog, but start by taking out the smaller M31 flying units, breaking and toppling them in turn. After the battle, Dunban shows up with the Monado sword and joins the team!

The way through the Residential District is blocked. Time to take the long way around, back through the Commerical District. Thankfully, Dunban's Monado powers help speed up these battles quite a bit. Try playing as Dunban, and overloading the enemy with the Buster attack, and casting Enchant to make Shulk and Reyn useful. Not a bad time to grind a bit of XP for the team, as the Monado sword cuts through the Mechon like butter, even those mighty M82s.

Outside of town, Dunban finds himself unable to wield the Monado any longer. Luckily, Shulk steps in and becomes the sword's new master. If you'd avoided trying out the sword as Dunban, here you can use it as Shulk. The Turn Strike ability is now replaced with the Monado activation, which gives you access to the Buster and Enchant abilities for now. Slice up the foes outside town and snag a ton of EXP and loot while you're at it! After you've had your fill of killing, follow the arrow into the Residential District. Unfortunately, before you can reunite with Fiona, Metal Face reappears!

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