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Xenoblade Chronicles Walkthrough | Part 01: Exploring Colony 9


The best JRPG in years is finally here, but with all this content, it's easy to get lost. Thankfully, GameZone.com is here with our full Xenoblade Chronicles walkthrough and FAQ! This walkthrough assumes you are using the Wii Classic Controller. If you're using the standard Wii Remote, please consider buying an actual video game controller and playing the game correctly!

Colony 9


  • Little Bunnit (Lv001-002)
  • Little Skeeter (Lv001-002)
  • Common Caterpile (Lv001-002)


  • Vegetable: Sweet Wasabi, Cool Potato, Red Lettuce, Chewy Radish (Reward: Quick Step III)
  • Fruit: Dance Apple, Black Kiwi (Reward: Agility Up II)
  • Flower: Strong Dandelion, Moon Flower, Dawn Hydrangea (Reward: Poison Defense III)
  • Bug: Prairie Dragonfly, Giant Hornet, White Beetle, Sorrow Beetle (Reward: Regnas Gauntlets)
  • Parts: Blue Chain, Rabbit Diode (Reward: Ether Up II)
  • Strange: Plate Snow, Rainbow Zirconia (Reward: Strength Up II)
  • 100% Completion Reward: Carbon Driver

Shulk and Reyn start this chapter being attacked by a Colony Krabble. Keep piling on damage, while rotating to the back of the enemy and using Shulk's "Back Slash" art, as well as the "Turn Strike" art whenever it becomes available.

LANDMARK [Mechon Wreckage Site]
Reward: 10EXP
Location: You'll find this Landmark automatically as the Colony Krabble battle starts

You'll be unable to leave the area until you defeat the Common Caterpie at the center of the area. Reyn will draw the monster's attention quickly, so use your Back Slash art to destroy it! Afterwards, follow the path into town. Fight the minor enemies for some treasure if you desire.

LANDMARK [Main Entrance]
Reward: 40EXP, 18AP, 6SP
Location: West of Colony 9, next to Dunban's House

LOCATION [Commercial District]
Reward: 10EXP, 6AP, 2SP
Location: West of Colony 9, next to Dunban's House

Right as you enter Colony 9, Reyn will leave the party and go off on his own. After he leaves, talk to Dorothy by the main entrance to add her to your Affinity Chart. Any NPCs with an actual name will be added to this chart after you talk with them, showing their relationships with your party members. If you can get everybody to like you, who knows what secrets you can find! You can also trade with people to increase their affinity levels, and obtain rare items.

LANDMARK [Ether Light]
Reward: 40EXP, 18AP, 6SP
Location: The shop within the Commercial District, to the southwest

Feel free to browse the items at the shop in Ether Light, and pick up a few sidequests from the people scattered around (anyone will a white '!' over their heads has a quest to give). For details on how to get and complete these sidequests, check out our Xenoblade Chronicles Sidequest Guide (coming soon!)

LANDMARK [Gem Man's Stall]
Reward: 41EXP, 18AP, 6SP
Location: The glowing orange furnace in the north of the Commercial District

Be sure and talk with the Gem Man in the north of the Commercial District. Though he won't let you play with the furnace yet, he will hand over HP Up II and Strength Up II gems. Equip them to Shulk's sword before continuing to follow the arrow towards the fortress.

LANDMARK [Central Plaza]
Reward: 42EXP, 18AP, 6SP
Location: The large square platform connecting the residential, commercial and military districts

LANDMARK [Fortress Entrance]
Reward: 43EXP, 18AP, 6SP
Location: The bridge to the fortress in the north of Colony 9

LOCATION [Military District]
Reward: 10EXP, 6AP, 2SP
Location: Right inside the fortress entrance

After you enter the fortress, you'll witness Colonel Vangarre chewing out two Defense Force Soldiers for crashing a mobile artillery. After this, take a look around the military district and talk to the soldiers there, picking up some sidequests. Then proceed into the Weapons Development Lab, the building in the west of the Military District. 

LOCATION [Weapon Dev. Lab]
Reward: 10EXP, 6AP, 2SP
Location: The building in the west of the military district

Down in the Weapon's Dev. Lab, Shulk talks with Dickson about the Monado's power. Afterwards, we cut to the female character Fiona, tending to her brother Dunban. Following the battle with the Mechon a year ago, Dunban's arm was horribly damaged. After she offers him food, he instructs her to bring some food to Shulk.

STORY QUEST [Delivering Food]
Find Shulk and give him the food
Reward: None

Outside the house you'll run into Dickson, who informs you that Shulk has headed off to Outlook Park. Follow the giant orange arrow to get there! Try jumping the whole way there, Fiona's grunting sound effects are pretty funny. You may encounter some enemies on the way to Shulk. Fiona is pretty weak by herself, so try to run away from these battles if possible.

LANDMARK [Outlook Park]
Reward: 46EXP, 18AP, 6SP
Location: The bridge to the fortress in the north of Colony 9

Fiona and Shulk enjoy a private moment, before some debris begins falling. They decide to head back  to the Weapon's Dev Lab. 

HEART-TO-HEART [Sunrise in the Park]
Requires: Shulk & Fiona
Correct Answers:

  • You and Dunban...
  • Even I got shouted at!

The quickest route back is through the Residental District. Just follow the arrow.

LOCATION [Residential District]
Reward: 10EXP, 6AP, 2SP
Location: The eastern district of Colony 9

Back in the lab, it seems Reyn is interested in trying the Monado blade himself. Unfortunately, he's unable to control its power! Luckily, the blade is unable to damage Bionis creatures, though he still does some serious damage to the lab. Shulk goes to put the sword back, only to have a terrifying vision of the future. After he shakes it off, Reyn mentions that he's been ordered to collect Ether Cylinder's from the Mag Mell Ruins, through Tephra Cave. Shulk agrees to come along, the two of them ditching Fiona before setting off!

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