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Xenoblade Chronicles Walkthrough | Boss Guide: How to beat Metal Face


The best JRPG in years is finally here, but with all this content, it's easy to get lost. Thankfully, GameZone.com is here with our full Xenoblade Chronicles walkthrough and FAQ! This walkthrough assumes you are using the Wii Classic Controller. If you're using the standard Wii Remote, please consider buying an actual video game controller and playing the game correctly!

How to defeat Metal Face

After taking out the Mechon horde scattered around Colony 9, you'll finally come face to face with their leader, big bad Metal Face himself. Luckily, you aren't expected to completely decimate this foe, just wear him down a bit. 

Start off the battle just attacking randomly. Don't waste any of your charged up arts on this guy, he simply can't be damaged at this point. After a bit of this charade, a cutscene will start up, showing Fiona getting destroyed by the Mechon jerk. Shulk goes into beast mode at this point, returning to the battle with a newfound resolve. Prepare to use your first chain art!

Chain Attacks require 3 bars of party affinity (the blue bar in the top left of the screen). Luckily this battle begins with the gauge fully filled. Select the blue Chain Attack icon from the command bar (center of the bar, d-pad down towards it) to begin the assault.

Start by using Shulk's Stream Edge art to break Metal Face. Follow this up with Reyn's Wild Down, which topples a broken enemy. After this, use any of Dunban's attack arts to help inflict some serious damage! With Metal Face down, use Shulk's Monado Buster to lay down the final blow. Metal Face will escape, but somehow, we doubt it's the last we'll see of him...

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