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Xbox One or PS4? E3 attendees choose their side!

Depending on who you ask, you'll get a different reaction as to who "won" E3. While I enjoyed the Xbox One games Microsoft showed off during their press conference, I equally enjoyed Sony hammering in the point that the PS4 will be friendlier towards indies and less restrictive when it comes to pre-owned games.

Here at GameZone, we are equally split among the two consoles. So we left it up to iconic cosplayer Jessica Nigri and StarKid's Joe Moses, who joined up with us at the event, to ask those in attendance at E3 the hard-hitting question: Xbox One or PlayStation 4?

But hey, we value your opinion too! So check out the video to see the reactions of those on-scene at E3 -- who got to hold, feel, and play both consoles -- and then let us know your opinion. You might just earn a high-five from Jessica! (Or maybe a special poster of her!)

To win a free Jessica Nigri cosplay poster, cast your vote in the poll above, follow @GameZoneOnline on Twitter (while you're at it, follow me @Matt_GZ), and retweet this article with the hashtag "#XB1vsPS4".

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