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Xbox 720: Why do we keep calling it this?

Okay, so the movie Real Steel, which takes place in 2020, has an Xbox 720 ad in one of the scenes. Now I have to deal with every website having Xbox 720 rumors for the next few days. It's not the rumors of a new system that bothers me, but what we are calling a potential new game console from Microsoft.

Real Steel Xbox 720 pic

Microsoft thinks they're funny.  Well played.

The name everyone has been using is Xbox 720. Why? Because some f**ktard somewhere was like, “Herp derp! It's the second Xbox 360; let's multiply 360 by 2! Hyuck!” No a**hole. If that was the case, there would have had to be a Xbox 180, but there wasn't. There was the Xbox. Then there was the Xbox 360 instead of the Xbox 2. I assume it was named 360 either because it represented a revolution in gaming, or it was a complete circle—it connected gamers everywhere. So the Xbox 720 would be doing the exact same thing... twice.

720 just makes no sense. 360-2 makes sense. Xbox ________ makes a lot more sense. Hell, I would rather call it Super Xbox over 720. I just don't understand the method of how we got to collectively calling the next Microsoft console the Xbox 720. Can someone help me here? Or better yet, can we all get together and just come up with a different name/ codename to call it? Xbox Galaxy. Xbox Melior (Latin for better). Xbox Infinity. Let's get brainstorming.


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