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WoWFanCon: Exclusive Interview with Jeff Lewis aka Vork from The Guild


Dustin: Hello Jeff, great Q & A session. Thanks for taking a moment to sit down with me. First off, I’d like to ask a few questions about The Guild. What’s it like working on a web series with that much exposure?

Jeff Lewis: It’s great. It’s still astounding to me to see how many people watch The Guild and not just in the US either. People from all over the world love the show.

D: What’s it like working with Felicia Day and the cast of the Guild?

Jeff Lewis: It’s amazing. I usually, at this point, make fun of Felicia and call her a dirty whore. But she’s nice, I really like everybody there and really enjoy coming to the set. We have lots of off time between setups and it’s really awesome to just to go into another room and just hang out together.

Actually, Felicia Day is pretty dirty – we just text each other dirty words all day long while shooting *laughs*.

D: Vork is a pretty neurotic character. How alike him are you in real life?

Jeff Lewis: I would say that we are somewhat alike. Sometimes I have angry outbursts and can certainly understand his want to save a buck. I know when I played World of Warcraft I had very similar graphs and charts for a time.

D: Speaking of World of Warcraft, did you try to undermine the auction house in the same way we saw Vork do a few seasons ago in The Guild?

Jeff Lewis: Ha! I wish… No, I just mined and tried to meet supply and demand as much as I could with my mining, as most players do.

 D: Do you have any actual experience leading a guild in an MMO, such as World of Warcraft?

Jeff Lewis: When we first set up the Knights of Good in World of Warcraft, I think I naturally was the Guild Leader. But as time went on and I had my baby with my wife, and someone took over. And, unlike Vork, I’m not much of a leader. I’m really not very good with delegation and disciplining people. I prefer to just have fun and enjoy the game with my friends.


D: Do you have a few memorable experiences you’d like to share with World of Warcraft?

Jeff Lewis: This one time, I was partied with people who were not part of my guild and they called me a terrible tank. I laughed at that. There’s also been several nights where me, and other members of my guild have attempted to raid drunk. Not very productive, but fun.

D: Do you have a favorite episode of The Guild?

 Jeff Lewis: My favorite episode of The Guild is not aired yet, but as far as one that has aired, the one where Zaboo, Bladezz and I had a guy’s night out was awful in a great way.

D: Do you foresee The Guild lasting another few seasons? Maybe transitioning into another fictional MMO?

Jeff Lewis: I’d love to do it every day if I could. As I said during the QnA, I’d really like it to transition to a TV show, but I don’t know if that will happen. The ball is pretty much in Microsoft’s court there. It will likely stay with The Game, as it has since its inception.

D: How long have you been gaming? Do you consider yourself a hardcore gamer?

Jeff Lewis: I’ve been gaming for a very very long time. I think I could be a hardcore gamer, if only my wife would let me. Wife Aggro is generally something I try to avoid.

D: You mentioned that you love Time Travel during your Q&A – any favorite games or movies that involve Time Travel? Are you a fan of Chrono Trigger, perhaps?

Jeff Lewis: I loved Time Bandits, the original Time Machine, Buck Rogers in the 25th and a Half Century. I’m not familiar with Chrono Trigger, no.

D: What sort of games do you like to play? Any big games in the upcoming year that you’re interested in playing?

Jeff Lewis: Black Ops, Red Dead Redemption and  a lot of different online Xbox Arcade games,and I’ve been playing with my PSP quite a bit. The sports titles and GTA on the PSP are great. As far as upcoming games I’m looking forward to checking out Modern Warfare 3.

D: What do you think of the current state of the MMO Market – with Star Wars: The Old Republic coming out later this year, do you think it will finally kill the behemoth World of Warcraft?

Jeff Lewis: I don’t think so. Nothing seems to stand in the way of World of Warcraft – the world is just so rich and Blizzard has done a really good job upkeeping the world.

D: Do you think that involving plot in an MMO, such as the way SWTOR has, will be good?

Jeff Lewis: I think it couldn’t hurt – personally I could care less. I just like killing, questing and leveling up.

D: So, what’s next for Jeff Lewis? You mentioned the Five Minute Comedy Hour (www.fiveminutehour.com) that you’re working on – any other big projects? If not, talk about FMCH a bit.

Jeff Lewis: Well, Sandeep and I are going to Austrailia and New Zealand soon for the Armageddon Convention and I’m working on another Web Series which the cast members of the Guild are helping me spread the word around. And just writing on my own – oh, and I can’t forget, I’m also taking care of my son!

D: Thanks very much for your time, Jeff! We here at GameZone love The Guild and all of your work. We hope to see much more of you in the future!

Dustin Steiner is GameZone’s eSports Correspondent and Freelance Editorialist! Follow him on Twitter @SteinerDustin


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