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Worst, Most Stupid Tweets about SWTOR Payment Subscriptions


SWTOR is causing a lot of confusion and mayhem today.  A lot of the problems aren't users' faults, but there is one problem that a lot of people are having that is the user's fault.  It seems that people are having a problem with the whole 'putting in your billing info before getting your free month' thing.  People, this is standard MMORPG practice.  Yes, you paid for the game and got a free month with it, but in order to set your game live, you need to put in your credit card info for future billing.  You won't be charged anything until after your free month is up. 

This is nothing new.  Every MMORPG (Free to play excluded) has done this.  I repeat: YOU WILL NOT BE BILLED UNTIL AFTER THE FREE TIME IS UP! 

That being said, here's the most stupid, worst tweets about people that don't understand this standard concept.  Enjoy.

The Worst


The Smart People Tweeting Back


Understandable Confusion


Best Tweet, Maybe of All Time



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