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Wii U game releases for December 2015

There's two games coming out, but only one you definitely need to buy

While the Wii U might have the least amount of games coming out, it has one of the biggest games this year that you won't want to miss if you own the console.

So whether you want to explore and survive on a gorgeous alien planet, or perhaps stepping into the shoes of Ivan as you take on enemies in both third person and first person combat, these Wii U exclusives might be worth your time. Well, at least one of them definitely is.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

Xenoblade Chronicles X

I've already put in nearly 100 hours into our review copy of Xenoblade Chronicles X and I still can't stop playing. It's a giant game with so much to do.

After humanity crash lands on a strange planet called Mira, with Earth having been destroyed, it's up to your created character to ensure humanity's survival along with a myriad of supporting characters. I honestly can't praise this game enough. If you're fortunate enough to own a Wii U, and you happen to be a fan of JRPGs, then Xenoblade Chronicles X needs to be a part of your library.

Seriously. Needs to. Like, you should be pre-ordering now. Oh, don't have a Wii U? Buy one!

Devil's Third

Devil's Third

I honestly don't know a whole lot about Tomonobu Itagaki's Wii U exclusive aside from the fact that you play it mostly in third person while shifting to first person when shooting a gun. It also seems to have a really odd cast of supporting characters. I mean listen, the guy knows action, so this game's probably going to have it in troves.

But seriously, buy Xenoblade.

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