Wii Sports Club bundles five sports in one game

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Nintendo is bringing everyones' favorite sports to Wii U tomorrow with the release of Wii Sports Club.

With Wii Sports being the hit that it was on Wii, Nintendo has decided to take it, make some tweaks, and release it on Wii U with GamePad support. Additionally, the sports -- Tennis, Baseball, Bowling, Golf and Boxing -- have all been updated and reimagined from the original.

Perhaps most exciting about Wii Sports Club is that you can now compete in an online multiplayer mode. Gamers from the same region can play online together, join a club to represent their regions and build online communities with members by sending tips, pep talks and other messages.

Wii Sports Club will be priced at $39.99, or you can opt to purchase the different sports separately for $9.99 each. There's also the option to buy a single-day pass for $1.99.

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