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Why you should hold off on Ubisoft's game sale on Steam


Over on Steam, Ubisoft is hosting a massive sale on its games. From now through Monday, February 24, you can save up to 75 percent on a number of Ubisoft developed/published games like Fary Cry 3 and its spin-off Blood Dragon, various Assassin's Creed titles, and plenty more. Here's the thing though, the sales, as enticing as they may seem, aren't really that good -- at least compared to the Steam sales we're used to being offered.

"Up to 75 percent off" sounds attractive, but the reality is that most of these games -- at least the ones really worth getting -- are only discounted by 35 percent.

Far Cry 3, right now, is 35 percent off. Normally $29.99, you can get it for $19.49. Sure, it's a deal, but if you look back at the Steam Winter sale you could've gotten it for just $7.49 (a 75 percent discount). Blood Dragon is also only discounted $9.74; you could've gotten it during the Winter sale for just over $5.00. Examples like this can be found for many of the games being offered right now.

So my suggestion is to wait. Steam usually hosts two massive sales every year, one in the summer and one in the winter. If you can hold off a few more months -- you've already waited this long -- then you can probably snag even better deals than the ones being offered this weekend. 

I will warn you that by waiting you do risk missing out on some of these games. I can't guarantee that all of these titles will be discounted for the annual Steam sales, but I'm guessing discounts on the larger franchises will be there. I don't think there will ever be a Steam sale where you don't see at least the major franchises receive some sort of discount.

I'm not saying to ignore the sale completely. There's plenty of smaller games you can snag for a decent price. And Ubisoft is promising new deals daily until the 24th, so maybe we'll get better offers. Keep an eye on the sale, but unless you see major discounts on the AAA franchises, you're better off waiting.

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