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Why post game is the best part of Pokémon X and Y

Lumiose City

By now, most players have finished their Pokémon journey. They've traveled across Kalos, beat the Elite Four, and even saved the world. However, there's still much more to Pokémon X and Y. For those who have beaten the game, the best is yet to come. 

You get a glimpse of the post game content almost immediately after completing the main story. Kiloude City is a paradise for anyone who enjoys wifi battles. The endlessly addictive Friend Safari gives you the chance to catch all kinds of Pokémon with high IVs and hidden abilities. The IV judge at the Pokémon Center will rate the new creatures you've caught. After that, you can head on over the Battle Maison to test out your teams and acquire new moves and items. The town is tailor made for creating your dream team. 

For those who don't care about online battles, the post game may initially seem like a disappointment. Sure, there are still legendaries to catch and Mega Evolution stones to track down, but that can't compare to unlocking the entire Kanto region. Still, things start to look up when you receive a Holocast from a certain someone in Lumiose City. 

Looker first appeared in Platinum, and he's easily one of the best NPCs in the Pokémon universe. He's not just some guy who spouts entertaining comments about shorts or his Rattata. He feels like a full-fledged character who could easily carry his own game. Looker is in fine form here, wearing the persona of a hard-boiled detective like a glove. He makes the player an offer few could refuse, and a new adventure begins. 

Looker Pokemon X

What starts out as a fun little bout of playing detective evolves into a sizable side story. The tale of Looker and Emma isn't anything amazing, but it's enjoyable all the same. There were moments that made me laugh out loud and scenes that made me misty eyed. All in all, it's a satisfying bonus story. Still, what's really special about Looker's quests isn't the story. It's the potential they showcase.

The Looker chapters prove there's a place for story-driven sidequests in Pokémon. Pokémon has always offered gamers the same basic experience, but The Looker Detective Agency shows there's room for more. You can travel from gym to gym collecting Pokémon and badges, but you can also be a hard-boiled detective and help orphans find a home. A while back, I wrote about the future of Pokémon, and your time with Looker demonstrates how potent good sidequests could be. 

It also hints at story yet to come. You're able to become Looker's partner only because his beloved Croagunk has perished. The story concludes without you finding out what became of Croagunk, or what happened to Looker before he came to Kalos. It seems inevitable that his adventures will continue in future Pokémon games. Resurrection played an important role in X and Y's plot. Is it possible you'll have the chance to bring Croagunk back? Could Croagunk still be alive, giving you the chance to reunite Looker with his original partner? No matter what happens, it's clear that Pokémon has plenty of plans left for Looker. 

If you don't like battling online, X and Y's post game was probably a bit of a letdown. However, there's more to the post game content than meets the eye. The game doesn't just give you a new safari and an extra story. It gives you a window into the future of Pokémon itself, and what you see is pretty exciting.

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