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Why Konami needs to announce Castlevania: Lords of Shadow II

It’s kind of amazing how far the Castlevania legacy has come, isn’t it?  What started as an NES adventure way back in the 80s has somehow blossomed into one of the most respected game series out there, including such chapters as the much-heralded Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, as well as Super Castlevania IV and Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles.

But many of you would probably agree that one of the most surprising entries in the series would have to be Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.  Produced by the team-up of Kojima Productions and MercurySteam, the epic 3D adventure would turn out to be quite the shake-up for the series — and one for the better.  Not only was it backed by a powerhouse game engine and solid play mechanics throughout, but also a voice cast that included the likes of Sir Patrick Stewart and Robert Carlyle, among others.  It became quite the beloved classic, even if it was a change of pace from the usual Belmont adventures.



With that, we’ve been hearing rumblings regarding a special announcement that will be coming from Konami next month at E3, and while it could really be pertaining to anything, from a Dance Dance Revolution game to something Solid Snake-related in the Metal Gear lexicon, we can’t help but wonder… why not a Lords of Shadow sequel? Though the original game concluded in quite the epic fashion, the add-on DLC, Reverie and Resurrection, kind of opened a new door of possibilities in terms of a sequel.  And honestly, we need it.

Why?  It’s funny you should ask.  There are a few reasons…

Lords of Shadow made Castlevania respectable in 3D.

Let’s be honest, before the release of Lords of Shadow, the 3D Castlevania games weren’t nearly as good as the classic 2D ones.  Maybe it was the lack of depth (surprising considering the perspective) or the fact that the 3D games just weren’t as polished as the ones made by Koji Igarashi and his team (Symphony of the Night definitely rings a bell), or maybe it was just those damn Castlevania games for Nintendo 64.  Regardless, MercurySteam and Kojima Productions managed to pull off the unthinkable, making Lords of Shadow not only playable, but well worth the transition to 3D.  Getting more of the same would be a welcome treat.

Improvements to formula.

Sure, there were some slight flaws with Lords of Shadow — including the limited camera angles and occasional gameplay hiccups, like the timing system with crucial hits — but they weren’t enough to break the game.  Regardless, a sequel would allow MercurySteam and their partners to iron out the kinks and deliver another chapter, one that could outperform the original.  What’s more, think of the improvements they’ve made to the engine since that time.  It could actually look better…

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