Who would you rather?

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GameZone is starting their very own game of Who Would You Rather? concentrating on the lovely girls from our favorite video games. Every week we will put two lovely ladies against each other, and it will be up to you to vote on...well, Who would you rather obviously! The preliminary rounds will run for four weeks, pitting eight girls against each other in total. Then those finalists will go against each other to crown the Who Would You Rather? Hottie

Jill knows a thing or two about zombies and pure firepower, making her a great companion in case of a zombie apocalypse. Of course her attire being almost non existent is definitely easy on the eyes, though I can't imagine it holds up to zombie bites.

Lara likes to raid tombs, is extremely acrobatic and often dresses in very provocative outfits. This alone is a pretty winning recipe if you ask me. She's quite the independent woman, making her a prime sugar mama.

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