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Who Would You Rather? Morrigan vs. Felicia


Last weeks winner by a landslide was Sophitia from the Soul Calibur series. Sorry Mai.

This week we have two beauties from Darkstalkers that aren't you average girls. Morrigan Aensland and Felicia make up this weeks round of Who Would You Rather? Which Darkstalkers femme fatale will triumph?

Morrigan Aensland is a succubus; a demon girl who despite her cute looks, loves the thrill of battle, and wants to see nothing more than her opponents at her mercy. Not only does she have a pair of bad ass bat wings on her back, she's also sporting some on her head. Her battle-ready demeanor coupled with her gorgeous looks make her a prime candidate for anyone looking for a good time.

Felicia is part human, part cat, but all kinds of hot. Let's be honest here, there is something about cat girls that makes us wish they were real. She's barely covered and still manages to stay hot, which means our Felicia is quite warm-blooded. Sure she may have cat claws, but her curves more than make up for that. Let's not forget about her cat-like flexibility, which means she'll bend in ways you couldn't imagine.

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