Who Would You Rather? Catherine vs. Katherine

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Last weeks Who Would You Rather? champion was none other than Morrigan Aensland. Sorry Felicia, I guess the kitty lovers didn't show up to vote for ya. But now it's time to move on to the next match-up, which will be between Catherine and....wait for it.....Katherine!

Catherine might come across as the sweet Girl Next Door type, though she is anything but. Not to spoil the surprise for those still wanting to play the game for themselves, but let's say she's not all that she appears to be. She does have some incredibly sexy curves, and who can resist a girl who insists on wearing lingerie everywhere she goes.

Katherine on the other hand is the girl that you know you could bring home to your parents; a girl that has her future set; a girl who's not scared to start a family and is ready to commit herself fully to you. She may not appear "sexy" but she does have that independent woman thing going for her.

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